Redeeming safeAsset
  • In the top center of page, you can choose the safeAsset to redeem in the list. At the drop down list, you can choose the Safe Asset that you want to mint. In this post, we use sUSDC as an example.
  • Input the USDC amount that you expect to redeem, protocol will calculate and fill SDS amount & USDC amount according to Collateral Safety Ratio, depending on the balance of SafeAssets bank.
    For example, with Collateral Safety Ratio of 90–10, when users redeem 100 sUSDC, users will then receive 90 USDC and 10 USDC equivalent amount of SDS minus 0.25 equivalent amount of SDS for the redeeming fee.
  • Click the Redeem button to finished.
There is a 0.25% redeeming fee, charged in SDS.
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