Safe Center
Safe Center opens on June 18, 2021, 17:00:00 UTC
Epoch 1 will start on June 19, 2021 08:00:00 UTC
* Epoch duration: 8 hours during expansion ; 6 hours during contraction
  • Each wallet can deposit a maximum of 1% SDS total supply, at the time of deposit.
  • Upon deposit, the fund will be locked for 6 epochs.
  • Any time the user claims rewards or deposits more funds or withdraws fully/partially, the lock counter will be reset.
  • After the lock period, users can withdraw partially or fully their funds with all the rewards earned.
  • During the lock period, if users need to withdraw early, users can withdraw with the conditions:
    • All the unclaimed rewards of the users will be burned.
    • There will be a penalty fee of 5% for each remaining locked epoch.
  • Partially withdrawn funds will reset the lock counter.
  • Rewards can be claimed after 3 epochs after deposit.
  • Each time rewards claimed, both locked and reward counter will be reset.
  • Users can stake a maximum of 9 epochs without any tax. If users claim rewards after 9 epochs from the counter time, there will be a 15% tax fee on total unclaimed rewards. This tax fee will be burned.
Expansion: During expansion phase
  • Starting Max Expansion Rate is 2.5%
  • First target is 1M total supply for SDO
  • For each and every 25% increase in Total Supply of SDO after first target, the max expansion rate will be reduced by 5%.
    • Total supply increase to 1.25M SDO, expansion rate will be 2.375
    • at 1.56M total supply, expansion rate is 2.25625%
    • an so on,
    • 86M total supply, expansion rate is 0.8%
  • Expansion rate is 0 during the contraction phase.
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