Safe Lottery
You can participate Safe Lottery at: to winning lucky prize:
βœ… Win every 8 hours if 1, 2, 3 of your ticket numbers match!
βœ… Choose 3 unique numbers from 1 - 88 to win the jackpot prize.
  • Match 🎱 number: win x2 ticket prize
  • Match 🎱🎱 numbers: win x88 ticket prize
  • Match 🎱🎱🎱 numbers - πŸŽ‰ JACKPOT πŸŽ‰: win 1/2 pot size.
    • If Jackpot have more than 1 winner, Prize will be divided equally to all winners.
    • If no winner, jackpot will be carried on to the next round.
βœ… 1 SDO per ticket (may change later).
βœ… 15% expansion from boardroom will be added automatically to Lottery Jackpot.
βœ… 10% prize fee will be burnt instantly.
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