SDO - SafeDollar

SafeDollar (SDO) token is algorithmic stable coin with tax mechanism:
  • When SDO TWAP is over $1.05, no tax fee
  • When SDO TWAP is under $1.05:
    • Tax = Min[0.1, (1.05 — price) * 0.2]
    • 0.5% sent to Jackpot fund
    • 0.5% sent to Boardroom
Initialize supply: 500K
  • 100k to airdrop for BasicCash, MithrilCash, bDollar, IronFinance, MidasDollar, SafeMoon, QuickSwap, PolyDoge top-holders
  • 400k for farming in 10 weeks (90k first week — halving 20% weekly)
Reward rate for seed pools from Day 1
  • 10x WMATIC (2% fee)
  • 10x WETH (2 % fee)
  • 1x USDT (no fee)
  • 1x USDC (no fee)
Deposit fee is sent to Reserve Fund for providing SDO and SDS liquidity later.
Open liquidity pools (SDO/USDT: 40x) on PolyDEX 24 hours after launch.

SDS - SafeDollar Shares

Max Supply: 1.000.000
  • Private sale + IDO: 2.5%
  • Dev + MKT: 17.5% (vesting in 80w)
  • DAO: 20% (vesting in 80w)
  • Farming: 60% (in 80w)
Transaction fee = 2% to SDO buyback & burn + add Liquidity

SDB - SafeDollar Bonds

SafeDollar Bonds (SDB) help to incentivize changes in SDO supply during both epoch expansion and contraction periods. For starters, the exchange rate for SDO to SDB is 1:1, but the SDB to SDO ratio is dependent upon the mechanism as described here.
When SDO's TWAP falls below 1 $USD peg, SDB gets issued and can be bought with SDO at its prevailing price. Doing so takes SDO out of its circulating supply.
Contrary to early algorithmic, seigniorage stable coin protocols, SDB does not have expiration dates. All holders are able to redeem their SDB for SDO tokens as long as the Treasury has a positive SDO balance, which typically happens when the protocol is in epoch expansion.